World Poetry Day

To all the wonderful dreamers out there, Happy World Poetry Day!

I would like to share a poem I wrote not too long ago as a show of celebration for this day.


O’ Wanderer

Are you tired, O’ Wanderer,

Are you weary from your walk?

I can help you clean

Your broken skin,

About your adventures, we can talk.

Tell me your story, O’ Wanderer,

Speak to me of those stars,

Those specs of light

In a darkened night,

Tell me while I fix your scars.

I wish I was you O’ Wanderer,

You with your gutsy heart;

That dared to tread

On no one’s land,

Each step, a work of art.

I wanted to sing, O’ Wanderer,

To dance, to live, to smile,

But I was left alone

Heart weathered to stone,

I disappeared within a while.

So, fill this void, O’ Wanderer,

This empty space in me,

With the sea of dreams

the rivers, the streams,

Show me all I could not see.


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