The Price for Birth

  Kill my dreams and slaughter my pride, Drenched in the aching tears that I’ve cried, Watch the cancer inside me unearth, Is this the price we have to pay for birth? Bruised soul and a heart so brittle, Eyes that see beyond all the glam and glitter, Where, in misery, we all find mirth, […]

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I have written letters Addressed to you But you’ll never see, A word of what is Written, the damages You’ve caused to me. Every line, it breaks and melts into a Pathetic blurry mess; For all I try to stop Them, my eyes don’t Cease to undress. Maybe you could Feel those blotches Under your […]

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The Stranger

Love they say, can enliven a soul Can turn you empty, And if lucky: whole. But to this lie, I concur not For darling, these days, Souls can be bought. What starts as sparks, dies in smoke Rest assured, your misery is The Stranger’s joke. Be wary of someone who sings you a song, For […]

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