Never Enough

Strolling through the woods one day,

I saw a sight not frequent;

Foregathered across a patch of hay

Stood people, their souls content.

I looked to see what made them sigh;

Made them breathe with such delight!

And there bloomed a daisy, neck up high,

At the far end of their ernest sight.

Yearning for the same lovelorn embrace,

I shed my unworthy skin post-haste,

And instead let daisies take its place

The petals as white and as chaste.

But none cast another glance at me…

Smug, they all walked right through me.

Yet again I drowned into the sea

Of no could’ve been or would be.

I wore the rose the next time around,

All ardent with the royal red,

And put up my best smile back down

Yet again, their eyes on me were dead.

I tried to be the best of everything,

Whether elegant, gauche, soft or rough,

The snowflakes in winter, the flowers in spring,

Spiritlessly, for them, I was never ‘nough.


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