Some pleasing words Or a warm embrace… A shred of smile On that shallow face… And you think of them As friends; take heed: Measure people not by Words, but deeds. For every battle you lose Most will turn. They will tend to your wounds With false concern. Every war you win Fewer will celebrate. […]

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Dear God,

Dear God, if You exist, Do let me know: Why all this is happening No place safe enough to go. Tell me why Innocent people are killed While day after day New temples they build? And why the children With hearts so pure, Are made to live through Hell, Made to endure The sick hurtful […]

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Like a Drug

When you see me first You can never guess What you’re in for, The power I possess, The power over your brain And over your heart, You won’t even know Until we part. Only then will you Slowly realise, How I’ve taken over; All my beautiful lies! I’m in your body, I’m in your blood, […]

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Standing in this crowded room, I wonder what is wrong; For, from all the people I know here, To this place, I don’t belong. And even though I talk to them, They don’t seem to understand; How my heart feels so numb, How I feel so damned. P’haps it’s ’cause I speak in whispers That […]

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Heart of Paper

She is a thousand untouched pages, She is a billion unread words, She has art in her troubled soul, And her tunes are often unheard … Her book is one that needs love, A kind of love that hurts; For she bleeds upon each leaf, Till she is reduced to a desert. Then she scribbles what […]

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