Like a Drug

When you see me first
You can never guess
What you’re in for,
The power I possess,
The power over your brain
And over your heart,
You won’t even know
Until we part.
Only then will you
Slowly realise,
How I’ve taken over;
All my beautiful lies!
I’m in your body,
I’m in your blood,
You’ll come back to me
Even if I drag you through the mud.
And you can’t live without me
I’m in each breath you take
And you can’t help but love me
Even though promises, I break.
I’m like a drug
Nothing less than an addiction
I’ll take over you
Without your permission.
Like a drug, I’ll destroy you
Bit by bit
I’ll drag you into a
Bottomless pit.
You won’t know what hit you
You’ll never know
And like a drug
I’ll never let go.

image courtesy: picture


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