Dear God,

Dear God, if You exist,
Do let me know:
Why all this is happening
No place safe enough to go.
Tell me why
Innocent people are killed
While day after day
New temples they build?
And why the children
With hearts so pure,
Are made to live through Hell,
Made to endure
The sick hurtful things
This world puts them through,
Who will help them
If not You?
Do You stand there watching
As innocent souls are crushed?
For second by second
More people are hushed.
The devil is rising
So high and above
This place is becoming
Naught of love.
Help me understand
Why You don’t say a word,
As people beg and pray
Their prayers left unheard.
Do You not care
About us anymore?
Or have you lost hope
On a planet so sore?
Or are You as sad
As all of us here,
What they call rain-drops
Are those Your tears?
Dear God, do You like it
When people are strangled,
In Your name everyday
Their spirits are mangled?
Do You take responsibility
For every tear that is shed,
For the faith that is lost,
And the probity that is dead?
God, if He exists,
I hope He knows
We are on the edge of destruction
On our death throes.


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