That One Person

All you need …

Is that one person who opens your eyes to how beautiful the world really is.

Who helps you out from that pit of self-loathing and sadness.

Who shows you your worth, your actual worth, not the tag put on you by ‘friends’ who only made you miserable, and a family that poisoned your mind.

Who walks in and brings with them an aura of positivity and security in your life.

Who never makes you wonder, even for a second, that you’re not enough.

Who breaks open the walls you used to surround yourself with and builds a palace in your heart.

Who makes you feel something in your heart that even you didn’t know you were capable of feeling.

Who makes themself the standard across which you can determine who stays in your life and who doesn’t.

Who calls the jig and tells you that you don’t need to please people to make them stay in your life; that you’re enough of a reason for people to stay.

Who makes you not feel lonely even when you’re alone.

Who fights for you and fights besides you.

Who sees your scars and sees beauty in them.

Who understands pain and loves you through it.

Who holds you like you’re the most delicate thing in the world and looks at you like you’re a piece of art.

Who doesn’t stop you from crying because they know some nights are difficult to break.

All you need

is that one person who brings you back to life.


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