The Vow

  Kill me, you can, but I will not die, I’ll live inside every unuttered cry, I’ll haunt you all in your dreams With my innocence and my silent screams. You’ll hear my song in every sigh Look at my splattered blood, like stars in the sky, When you close your eyes, my face you […]

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The Respite

I have never known a love so strong That could enfeeble the might of my wall; Always too careful of unsullied happiness Fearing the wait upon Melancholy’s call.   Yet when the leaves shed cloaked by the mist, When the chill gently caresses my skin, My heart gets filled with cosmic warmth, Pleasure so stellar, it […]

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The Dirty Secret

Cross their hearts and hope they die, Beneath their white, little lie. Eyes wide shut, no love in them; Just empty words and a lecherous smile, Embarked upon my heart awhile, Drawing in my life a silent mayhem.   I break a little when I cannot see: What is it that I am meant to be? […]

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The Nemesis

‘Are you okay?’, they ask, ‘Where’s the shine in your eyes?’ And I cannot tell them For me, simply blinking is a task, So up I put the Wall of Lies.   They tell me to look around, breathe slow, And to marvel at the magnificent mountains… And I cannot tell them About the weight […]

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“And there is that soft spot where poetry likes to ‘poke’ you. . . . If you try logically to deduce a poem, it will take you nowhere; if you search for shortcuts, you will be lost; if you need answers, probably you will be disappointed.” via Why people don’t like poetry? — Discover

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Nobody Told Me …

  Nobody told me A heart could be so brittle That one person could Make me feel so little. Nobody told me That in the end it’s just lies All the ‘forevers’ and ‘eternities’ Simply ended with goodbyes. Nobody told me That some people are cursed Of always being stomped upon And their sorrows left unheard. […]

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Some pleasing words Or a warm embrace… A shred of smile On that shallow face… And you think of them As friends; take heed: Measure people not by Words, but deeds. For every battle you lose Most will turn. They will tend to your wounds With false concern. Every war you win Fewer will celebrate. […]

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