Each step ahead or each step behind, Darkness drives through on for miles, Dense and thick, the air is maligned, With evil eyes and frosty smiles. Breathe or not, I shift, I falter, Being devoured by the dark shadows, All I hear is their sinister laughter, All I feel is their noxious blows. Yet, at […]

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Death, Take over, take over, Me. My soul, I just want to Be free. Eyes, Close down forever Tonight. I’m tired, So exhausted of This fight. Heart, Please stop beating, Now. The show is over, Credits are rolling, Take a bow. Mind, I beg you, cease to Think. Let’s fall into This abyss Of empty […]

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Dark Side

Tantalise me with your darkest side; Lure me down into your abyss Of broken dreams and undone faith, I’ll be zealous where they went remiss. I’ll put trust in your mistrust, Feed your demons as they want, Turn your dreams into stardust, Let your guards down for me to haunt. Sing to me of your […]

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Never Again?

Will I ever feel the same, The same heartfelt love, When I first opened a book and Foraged through that treasure trove? Will I ever look the same, With messy hair and eyes so bright, Every time I stepped outside and Breathed in the tender light? Will I ever sleep the same, The same as […]

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That One Person

All you need … Is that one person who opens your eyes to how beautiful the world really is. Who helps you out from that pit of self-loathing and sadness. Who shows you your worth, your actual worth, not the tag put on you by ‘friends’ who only made you miserable, and a family that […]

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I may light fire to my passion, Let my heart go wild and roam The depths of all that’s merry,  But misery is my home.

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