What Happened to Me?

Sunnier days, peaceful nights, Longer hours, such delight! Each day a wonder, a surprise Happy thoughts and brighter eyes! When kisses healed the sharpest burns Gotten from running ’round in ferns In shabby clothes and hair so wild Oh, once upon an innocent child. When dreams were big, and toes were small Walls were meant […]

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So Much More

Maybe, Maybe in a world, another better world Where living wasn’t such a chore for me, where I danced and I twirled And had love in my heart, I could’ve been so much more. Maybe, in a universe, some quiet universe Where peace breathed at the core of my soul, bereft of this wilful curse […]

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I miss those days When the only real heartbreak I went through was on page 499 of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, when Harry kissed Ginny. When rains meant running outside to play, not worrying about how my hair would deal with water. When crying was the solution to everything, literally. When eating […]

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Originally posted on A Rogue Planet:
Each step ahead or each step behind, Darkness drives through on for miles, Dense and thick, the air is maligned, With evil eyes and frosty smiles. Breathe or not, I shift, I falter, Being devoured by the dark shadows, All I hear is their sinister laughter, All I feel…

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Life That’s Not For Me

Imprisoned inside a skeleton of grief, Masked with a false sense of belief, That one day there’s somewhere happy to be, Is a life that’s not for me. Where I am naught but a crutch for some, Feasting on their leftover crumb, Burning to death so they can see, Is a life that’s not for […]

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Wipe me Out

Push me more, what’s the point,I’m already gone you see,Just a shadow, a form of clouds,There’s nothing more I can be. Hurt me more, what’s the point,You can’t hurt the dead you see,It’s just another scratch, another wound,It’s nothing new to me. Drop your voice, I won’t fight back,I’m already too tired, too weak,I’m laying […]

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The Paradox

Shameful that we  Conceal this fire,    Shut out hearts,       Each one a liar. Sad we say  That we don’t care      Yet quietly endure the pain        Of this catastrophic affair. How tragic it is  To be living this curse,      When with this ardour we could   […]

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